Ready Packages

Please feel free to choose a ready to marry package. In these packages you will find all the basics that you need to fulfill a wedding. Any changes could be made according to your taste. You can also mix and match our services in order to create the most appropriate wedding package for you.

  • Cretan Wedding

  • Tradition at its best! Cretan Weddings are famous for their aesthetic beauty and its traditional elements. From traditional food delicacies to Cretan music!. Join the silver marriage team and let us lead you in a journey into the island of Crete and its traditions.  Legal papers  Ceremony arrangem[...]
  • Simplicity

  • Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple. In this package you will find all these simple elements that you need in order to make your wedding happen.  Legal papers  Ceremony arrangements  Mediterranean menu  Dj party
  • Beach Wedding

  • The island of Crete is very famous for the combination of wild nature and beautiful beaches. Let us suggest and organize your wedding on the beach, with the most romantic scenery and an unforgettable photo shooting on the Cretan sunset.  Legal papers  Ceremony arrangements  Finger food or Mediter[...]
  • Pool party wedding

  • Getting married around the swimming pool is the ultimate feeling of being on holidays. Let the silver marriage team make all the arrangements with your own hotel or let us offer you, your own private swimming pool for your dream wedding.  Legal papers  Ceremony arrangements  Mediterranean buffet [...]